Ink Refills- An Effective Way to Recycle Old Cartridges and Thus Save Money

24/04/2013 15:10

Inkjet printers are affordable printer options available if you know how to refill the ink cartridges when the ink runs out instead of replacing them. With Ink Refills, you need not to buy replacement cartridges often times. The step by step method to refill cartridges must be learnt in order to do it yourself, and this you will know from reading this article. By learning how to refill your own unit rather than sending them to the landfill, you can actually save money and save your planet as well. Therefore, it is well worth spending time to learn to refill with do-it-yourself kit.


Before getting started, make sure you have everything that you will need in the process. You will need an empty unit, Ink Refill Kits, gloves, paper towels and cotton swabs. It is not that difficult to do it and a refill kit is available easily on the web and at various office supply stores. The cost of this product is not so expensive and you can save more money than spending on original products.  


When it comes to refilling, choose a flat surface and make sure to cover the place with an old newspaper or paper towel in order to protect the area from ink stains. Wear your gloves to avoid getting your hands come in contact with ink. The next is to take the empty cartridge out of the printer and place it on the paper towel for the purpose.  


Looking closely for the tiny holes on the top, you will find the opening where you will be inserting ink. Once you find out the correct hole, use a sharp object to pierce it for refilling. Next, find out which color will go into which chamber. Then take a syringe to take ink and inject the content to the cartridge chamber. However, make sure not to over cartridges and so you should stop filling as soon as you see ink droplets starting to ooze out of the hole. Now, check that your cartridge is not leaking.


Once you confirm everything, the next is to install the cartridge in its proper place and print out something to test whether the cartridge is working properly. It must be considered that refilling a cartridge can be done 5 to 6 times and then the print head will eventually wear out. You will then need to purchase a new cartridge to run your printer.